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Out of a great love of drama and a natural rapport with young children, the Blue Jellybean drama school was born. In between acting jobs, following her graduation from The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramtic Arts in London 2001, principal Mignonne Frindall started doing drama parties. Her approach – to dress-up and act-up so no child could ever get enough – proved highly popular at parties, and later at other stage schools where she went on to teach.

It was her experience of teaching that inspired Mignonne to start her own school, as she came to believe she could provide a school that was not only better value for money, but better all round. Blue Jellybean drama parties became the Blue Jellybean drama club, and went from four children in one class to 50 children in four classes in its first year, 2007.

By 2009 the Blue Jellybean drama club had a presence in five separate locations in Surrey with more than 100 students.

In 2010 Blue Jellybeen drama club rebranded as The Blue Academy of Performing Arts, under which banner they offer early stages drama with the Blue Jellybean Theatre School, Blue Academy street dance and drama workshop for those aged 7 to 11, and Bluebeat street dance for the 12+ age group.