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From its origins on the streets of urban centres all over the world, where young kids improvised dance to a simple but catchy beat, we bring the hippest form of freestyle movement to Surrey. Street dance is both an art form and a great way to work out, and in these sessions students learn the very latest in hip hop street dance moves, from poppin’, krumpin’, lockin’ and waakin’ to jerkin’, posin’ and LA new style. New-comers and the well-practised are equally welcome.

Contemporary Street Dance

All of our teachers are working dancers, many dancing with and choreographing for some of the most well-known artists on the music scene. They continue to update their skills and knowledge by attending other classes, and are all part of dance groups outside their normal working day.

Many, but not all, of those who attend our teenage street dance class have danced before, so previous experience is helpful but not a requirement.

This class begins with a proper warm-up, to engage all of the major muscle groups. The class, as a whole and sometimes in groups, will then be taught a number of basic and new steps that will eventually be the basis of sequences within a routine, all to the very latest in street dance music.

This class is often in engaged in particular projects, and is currently working on a routine to Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’, which they have performed and performed at a number of outdoor events during the summer.

Class Information:


Friday 1700-1800 pm Dorking Leisure Centre, Reigate Road

This class is suitable for 12 years and older.

Cost: £100 per academic term.


How to get Started:

We offer a first class as a trial class. If they wish to join after this period we will ask you to fill in a registration form and you will pay for the remainder of the term. If your child decides he or she does not want to continue with the classes, you will not owe us anything.

Step 1:

Register for a FREE Trial Class!  (we will send you confirmation)

Step 2:

Fill in and bring along your registration form

Download our registration form.

An administration  fee is applied to new starters.

Things to Think About

Street Dance Lesson

With all dance classes there are a few additional costs we need you to think about:

Footwear and Clothing

We recommended are trainers or jazz shoes.

Best not wear school shores, you’ll end up with sore feet!

(Specialised stockists can provide appropriate footwear, ask us for more info)

Comfortable clothing such as leggings, jazz pants, baggy tracksuit bottoms or clothes that have flexibility are ecommended. It’s best not to wear clothes that are restricting.

We advise you to bring a bottle of water as it can be thirsty work!