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Drama at The Blue Academy

Tell a good story, and most children are soon enwrapped: drama is all about bringing those stories to life. That is why, in one way or another, most children are inclined to want to be involved in some aspect of the performing arts. There is not always a lot of space or time during the school day to develop children’s creativity, which is where companies such as ours come in.

Bringing stories to life!

According to a leading academic on the subject of child education and creativity, it in is their contact with artists and musicians that their interest in, and development of, creativity is fired. This in turn helps them become thinkers and innovators, rather than just a product of whichever particular educational establishment they have attended.

Dancing, acting and creative writing, a recent report on the subject concluded, are as important life skills as the three Rs, if children are to fully develop their talents and become fulfilled as human beings.

Here at The Blue Academy we provide the time and space to facilitate that development, while ensuring they enjoy every minute.

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